Take America Back
Phil Merletti, Spokesperson
Committee Presentation                                                               May 17, 2011
Subject: Repeal of the 1987 Land Use Regulatory Act
My name is Phil Merletti; I am the spokesperson for “Take America Back”. I am here today to commend all of those who have taken the time to hash this out and to commend all of those who have the patriotic courage to address this most important peace of legislation for this year.
There is a good reason why we favor the repeal of LURC so strongly. This is the first bill this year that returns the “Sovereignty back to the Maine People”. As a group that believes in Constitutional rights, Freedom and Liberty, this bill will place the “Planning Authority” back into the hands of “elected officials”, rather than leaving our destiny in the hands of “unscrupulous appointed government sycophants” that have a proven agenda that had supported one-sided interest groups, national and international stakeholder organizations and international U.N. members that have an interest in controlling or destroying our national sovereignty.
History will prove that the “Land Use Regulatory Commission’s” practices did more harm to the economy than to help it by using regulatory practices that were Unconstitutional and anti-business. What may have started off in 1971 as a means to relieve the County Commissioners from dealing with issues of waters quality. It has now transformed into a political liberal progressive Octopus that has affected all Maine People.
As a research group we do not believe that passing a bill first and finding out what is in it, is ludicrous and only for those that believe in the “Pelosi Doctrine”. After reading this bill, we are still not completely sure of its total intent and we do not want to fall in the traps of the past, which is, advancing two steps forward and then finding out that we must take one step backwards or taking two steps back and finding that we have not progressed anywhere.
However, passing a weak bill that does not progress as far as we wish would not necessarily be that bad, because the “Beast will have been killed” and the County Commissioners will have been passed the baton. Any problems found after that, we can handle with a “citizen referendum process” coupled with an “education program” and eventually we settle the issue at the polling booth; this is sovereignty at its best. So, to conclude, we will support L.D. 1534 in its entirety and hope for the best!
                                                          Phil Merletti Spokesperson, TAB
Take America Back
Phil Merletti, Spokesperson
                                                                                                        May 17, 2011
Op-Ed for Lincoln News
Many of the readers of this newspaper know that many industries and private property owners and workers in Maine have been battling to save what is left of their fortunes and lives in Maine. Business and “Private Property Land Rights” have been ignored and discarded for years. Conservation tactics and agendas created by national and internation interest groups had destroyed and replaced farming, timber and wood harvesting with fake “conservation”. Out of state stakeholders convinced businesses and private property owners to place their lands into “land trust” and many of these interest groups have schemed methods to influence our legislators to side with their interests and agendas.
As an end result, Maine has lost its edge on timbering, papermaking, farming, fishing and many other industries that were integral with their survival also perished with them. What is left in Maine is only a ghost of what we had, meanwhile other businesses have shrunk their size and small cottage industries now have only to rely heavily on tourism.
 Last weeks article on page one, written by Brian Brown properly covered Millinocket’s Town Councils support to repeal the Land Use Regulatory Committee Act. But there are several other greater reasons to “kill the beast”.
There is a good reason why our organization supports and favors the repeal of LURC so strongly. This is the first bill this year that returns the “Sovereignty back to the Maine People”. As a group that believes in Constitutional rights, Freedom and Liberty, this bill will place the “Planning Authority” back into the hands of elected officials in each County. Each County will now not only have the right to elect their commissioners, but they will have an appeals board rather than leaving their destiny in the hands of unscrupulous appointed government lackeys that had supported one sided interest groups, national and international stakeholder organizations and international members that did not believe in state sovereignty.
History will prove that the Land use Regulatory Commission’s practices did more harm to hurt Maine’s traditions and the economy than to help it by using regulatory practices that were against private property rights; and their patterns of unfair regulatory practices were also proven to be unconstitutional and anti-business. LURC was the only state entity in the United States; it started off in 1971 as a means to relieve County Commissioners from dealing with issues of waters quality. What most people do not know, and is still secretive in its formation, in 1993 President William Clinton signed an executive order to fulfill the United Nation’s Agenda 21. LURC picked up the ball and fell in line with the agenda; this agenda gave LURC a new propose to destroy the economy and it was down hill for the unorganized territories and Northern Maine from then on. Large business that relied on lumber and farms met with heavy opposition due to the more restrictive progressive regulations and taxes that literally cleared out the Northern part of Maine. This scheme left other private property owners one solution to place their lands into conservation land trust. The Conservation Land trust have now become invasive to all counties and its tentacles can be found in its “hundred some odd” easement and land trust organizations.
Aroostook County, known world wide for its table Potato Crops, now suffers to keep its head above water and they have to rely on big business enterprises that market processed potatoes. Our own legislators would not help the transportation of this valuable crop, so I95 stopped at Holton and the rest of Maine was left “to die on the vine”. This was no accident, it was well planed and executed, and why did no one see the handwriting on the wall before this? With our economy the way it is, extending I95 may still not be in the cards, but with LURC out of the way, coupled with the ability to create new jobs in the unorganized territories and a new Legislature, things will change for the north and all of Maine; if we still have time left.
Abolishing LURC is the first step in returning “Sovereignty back to the Maine People” and a lot of thanks goes to those behind the scene who have worked hard on this issue, and also to those who wrote the final language to this bill and to Jeff Gifford who signed his name to it, this is truly a democracy under a Constitutional republic!
                                                          Phil Merletti, Spokesperson for TAB
Spokes person Phil Merletti
This is a new alert to all Maine Patriots, interested citizens of Maine. Please read it completely.
On may 17th, five patriots gave verbal and written presentations to the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Farming. The five public presentations that were given were in favor of a bill to repeal/abolish the Land Use Regulatory Committee Act of 1971. Four of the presenters were Representative Henry Joy (Ret), Roger Ek, Gary Smart and yours truly. All of us have been working this past year to elicit help from the County Commissioners and the Legislature. Each of us have singularly or in concert have taken our time, energy and money to perform what we had believed to be one of the most important piece of legislation this year that would have brought back “Constitutional Law” and at the same time, returned “sovereignty back to the Maine Voters”.
Our work was not performed in a vacuum, and I am sure that the reader of this alert knew of this work and why LURC needed to be shut down for good. Many of you have attended my seminar “Expositing the Progressives” and the short version of “Exposing the Unholy Alliance”. Both seminars stressed the invasion of the United States by the United Nations policies and politics as stated in the Sustainable Development Agenda 21 and the Biosphere Project and its local offspring “The Gate Way Project”. It is nice to attend meetings and seminars to gain knowledge, but to not take advantage or use this knowledge to fight for the Sovereignty of Maine Voters is a sin. An old Indian Adage explains it all: “To know and to not do, is to not know!”
On Saturday the 14, I sent an alert and the finalized bill to a handful of people that were active. This bill is still being heard and it is in committee right now, please be involved and follow this bill. Please, please call your Senators and Representatives as soon as possible, we need to kill the beast and support this bill.
                                                          Yours truly, Phil
Take America Back
Phil Merletti, Spokesperson
Nov. 04, 2011
SUBJECT: Presentation for LURC Review Committee, Repeal of the 1971 Land Use Regulatory Act.
It is said that political figures do not have the time to examine lengthy reviews, facts or figures. Because of this, most political figures would rather have information reduced to one or two line sound bites; as a result, many bills have been rejected or accepted without full knowledge. I beg of you to please do not place this information to the wayside as much research and work has gone into this assessment.
It has been brought to my attention that many members of the Committee for Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry have not understood why many people of Maine have crossed the aisle over the years to repeal the 1971 Land Use Regulatory Commission Act.
As a research group, we have had to put aside our personal “conventional politics & one-sided ideologies” that make up human emotion and we had to limit our findings and base our conclusions on facts, figures, the Constitutions (Maine and U.S.) and the intentions of the founders.
We have reduced this complex and convoluted issue to what we believe is the major dividing line that has embroiled both sides. After targeting the main division, we also found a factor that very few know or are willing to reveal because the issue is so surreptitious that when revealed, it would obviously appear clandestine or conspiracy oriented.
We have worked on this issue for over a year and as a consequence, two seminars have surfaced, the first 8 hours and the second a 4 hour seminar, which I will partially discuss later and make either or both seminars available to you (if you wish).
To begin: one side of this issue believes in the “Law of the Land” and property rights and the biblical offering that God gave man the rights to be “the stewards of the vegetation of the Earth and to use it (paraphrased)”. The second side of this issue wants to preserve the environment of the earth and they fear abuse and distrust all of the owners of the private property and they want the government to control all of the use of the private property to protect the environment. Both sides are right and it is that simple! What is not understood is what the third side of this triangle is doing and what is their motivation!
Before we go any further, it needs to be said that Constitutional Law only works when we as individuals respect the law and do not violate another person’s rights under the Constitutional Law. To relate this statement to this issue, this would mean that the Constitution (and the bible) would allow an owner of private property to use their land in any way shape or form as long as the use of the use of the property did not violate another person or group of persons rights under the Constitution(s); it is that simple. To clarify; that would mean that a responsible steward or landowner would not cause any detriment to their own property that would effect any abutting property or the streams or the air by the inappropriate use of their property.
Those on the side of unconstitutional government control would side with unfair and extreme power to preserve by law, rule or regulation to insure the preservation of vegetation, air, water and animal life, and this is where the conflict begins as to how far either side will pursue their beliefs.
It would be nice to live in a utopia that preserved all vegetation, water and animals; however, the earth was and is created as a symbiotic organism that contains living organisms and chemicals that are in constant flux. As human animals we rely on vegetation, air, water and animals to use and to eat. If a person believes in GOD’s biblical offerings or if a person is a good steward or private property owner, that property owner will maintain and use the property for themselves, for their family or for others that also live on this planet.
There is no doubt that this privilege without checks and balances could be abused and misused and this is where the Constitution(s) come into play. Recognizing, using and balancing common, natural and scientific laws formed the Constitution(s). There are natural consequences that result from the violations of these laws, but to insure that the violations do not take place or reoccur and to prosecute offenders, logical Constitutional Laws needs to be established, and that is where we are today. How do we formulate and create laws that protect “Constitutional Rights’ while we protect and insure future use of land as was naturally intended by GOD.
Do we create more governmental oversight and supervision with all of its pitfalls of removing citizen authority, spending more money, cronyism, corruption and deceit or political agendas, or do we incorporate fair oversight by common, scientific and natural laws that assist and guides the oversight.
This country is fortunate to have a State and U.S. Constitution that has balanced the many systems that allow for a free society that obligates the freedoms and liberty that other nations are lacking. This is why we have survived as a free nation for over 235 years (the longest lasting free enterprise in history). This was not done by big government or by an overpowering government that prevented capitalism and it did not force opportunist that had to invest in other countries.
Our state was founded in 1820 and it’s Maine Constitution Mirrors, and in some cases it supersedes, the U.S. Constitution; for example, the reference to private property rights is stronger. There was never an intent for a federal or state government to over power its private property owners by big administration laws – rules – regulation or by local – national – international “Non Governmental Organizations and Selfish & Special Interest Groups” that have ideological agendas that are in direct contrast with Constitutional municipal and citizen sovereignty or the rights of private property owners.
Times have progressed and without proper citizen vigilance, evil eventually did evolve and it overcame good. Before LURC (1971), compared to now, Northern Maine was fruitful, northern communities were independent and they had their physical and economic infrastructures. Farms produced livestock, fruits, vegetables and its premium Maine potatoes stock were known nationally; Maine was also known for its timber, forest products, papermaking, hunting and fishing.
The intentions of creating LURC may have been created by good intentions, this we will not debate, but what LURC has evolved to today: it serves only those who defy municipal and citizen sovereignty and private property rights. The loss of Maine farms, its livestock, fruits, vegetables and its premium Maine potatoes stock are almost all gone. Companies that owned land for its timber, forest products, papermaking has been sold because all that was left after all the laws-rules and regulations was to sell the land for a quick profit and close its doors. The saltwater fishing industry is dieing and what is left is overwhelmed by state and federal oversight (meanwhile on a clear day, Russian trawlers fish and can on board, without laws, rules or regulations to restrain them), the last Maine fish canning industry just closed its doors because of over regulating; no one came ahead with that move. Maine locals near or in unorganized territories do most freshwater fishing and hunting, but the state relies heavily on fees from the locals and some out of state sportsman, who succeeds with this scenario and who really loses, the state, the county or the citizens? The taxes, fees and regulations are calculated to destroy, rather than to succeed!
In 1971, the Land Use Regulatory Commission was the first state run agency in the United States that was exclusively responsible for regulating all of Maine’s unorganized territories and all sea shores from Kittery to Washington County. In reality, LURC had its talons in mostly every counties affair. Over the past 40 years, not one other state has adopted Maine’s independent behavior of condensing a one-size fits all approach; do these other 49 states know something that Maine does not, or is it that Maine is 40 years ahead of the rest of the states? According to Forbes Magazine, the state of Maine is ranked 50 for its favorable business opportunity and for future potential of employment possibilities. Did we gain Forbes extravagant level of recognition with or without the unorganized territories prominent and luxurious taxes and incomes from fees?
We cannot debate the need for preserving and protecting Maine’s natural resources. However this complex issue cannot be fulfilled at the expense of throwing the State and U.S. Constitutions in the trash, rather any law-rule-regulation must fulfill the obligations of both of the governments to guarantee the sovereignty of the people and the protection of GOD given rights exclusively!
When LURC was finally developed, members that were appointed by the Governor were not beholding to public opinion or scrutiny, as a public elected County Commissioner would be. Residents of a county that were not happy with a decision could, at the next commission meeting, air their complaint before the County Commissioners meeting. In other words, both sides could present facts and figures and information and work together to resolve the conflict. If such grievance was not successively rectified, at the next proper rotation, that Commissioner(s) could be ousted if the complaint was not satisfied and supported by the county voters.
LURC on the other hand has virtually no democratic system to logically address complaints, disagreements or variances as county commission meetings do. As past practise has proven, LURC is heavy handed and they are anything but business friendly! LURC also relies on a progressive set of environmental requirements that are and have been proven to be more political in nature than scientific. For example: Other states around the country have different set-back regulation to address how far back a structure may be placed from the edge of a supply of water; in Maine its called “Shore Land Zoning”. While some other states take in consideration the negative or positive slope of topsoil, the negative or positive slope of bedrock, the type of porosity of the various layers of soils, The height of the land to the water source, the changes of soil and water at the different seasons and drainage, weather patterns and vegetation, the type of structures and whether or not the man made structures would enhance or create a negative impact and whether the impact would be serious enough to be acceptable or not.
LURC on the other hand has, over the past 19 years, created a “one-size fits all approach” that mirrored and was based on the United Nations Policies. Scientifically, many of these adopted recommendations; laws, rules or regulations do not apply to the varied situations in Maine. But, nevertheless, LURC true to form, began its deadly process of regulating as many industries, business and farms out of the 10 million acres that were recorded in the “Wildlands Project”, the “Biosphere Program” and “Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) plans to create 5 core areas and corridors for the Maine North Woods National parks (to include 90% of Washington County). These parks would encompass half of Maine and it would totally involve almost every acre of the unorganized territory. If this sounds like a conspiracy, you are right!
At this point, this is where people, in the know, begin to take sides. Those who are skeptics and are easily lead, they scoff and jeer with contemptuous disregard and they will treat this issue in the same manner as the UFO spotters, while those who understand worldly deception and deceit, head for their computers to verify the truth. This later group usually separates into several other groups, those who deny or hide the issue, those who hope the issue will go away by itself and the last group digs its heals and educates the public. It is the later group that is always minimized by the deceivers and the skeptics; only those with the hard skin continue the fight that I am revealing to you today. I would end this paragraph by saying, prove me wrong and I will back off, prove me right and join me! To help you find this information or where you can obtain it, Please contact me.
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